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Gloss of "Client"

Client - an entity, such as a person, supposed normally to exist and perhaps persist outside the FDL process, with which the FDL interacts Sessions and for which it maintains certain privileges ;

A client accesses and modifies the FDL via a Session. A client is represented in the FDL as a persistent FDL object, specifically, as a Certificate associated with a Native Language procedure for defining a criterion for inserting the client identifier into the "client-slot" of a Session. That is the basic computational significance of client identity, and further significance of client identity is attributed by persons through their understanding of this client identification procedure.

The privileges assigned to a client include access to certain FDL objects maintained for the client, and the maintenance of Name Server objects allowing the client to specify an association of External Names with Closed Maps or Objects. IF YOU CAN SEE THIS go to

Glossary FDLnotes