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Gloss of "Name Server"

Name Server - an association of "names" with Closed Maps or Objects ;

A means for referring to Closed Maps and Objects stored in the FDL which one does not already have in hand is essential.

This mechanism can also be used to provide a basic access control; if one Client is the owner of the name server, then that client specifies a partial function that takes a client/name pair as argument, and if it returns a value at all it returns a Closed Map, an Object or another name server as result (enabling a name server chain). The name server is applied by the FDL in service to a client which is provided as the client argument mentioned above.

The "name" supplied to the name server can be any Text, including an External Name such as a string. This is how references to FDL contents may be communicated outside the FDL.

The partial function associated with a name server by the FDL can be changed by the owner of the name server object, and so names via name servers do not provide the same referential fixity as object references themselves. IF YOU CAN SEE THIS go to

Glossary FDLnotes