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Year 3

  1. Facilities for large objects. Demonstrate ability to efficiently transfer large objects across the MathBus, negotiate compression techniques as needed.

  2. Naming issues with Mathematical Objects. The baseline representations of the MathBus can represent many different aspects of mathematical object, not all of which are relevant to every client. Mechanisms will be devised to allow reference to those portions of the representation that are of concern to individual clients and protocols will be established so only the portion of the representation that is of interest will be transmitted.

  3. Demonstrate prototype persistent mathematical storage system based on a Microstorage Architecture. The large variety of objects that will be managed by the MathBus, viz., equations, theorems, proofs, simulation results, visualizations, etc., and the wide variety of ways that they will be indexed, requires a very flexible storage system. We will demonstrate the use of the microstorage architecture by supporting, on a single system, large scale simulation and visualization data, textual files and databases. The databases will be accessible both as fast loading image data and as textual data that can be used by legacy software.

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