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PRL Project

Nuprl 5 Documentation

The Nuprl Proof Development System, Version 5. Reference Manual and User's Guide

Nuprl 5 Manual (complete) pdfps

Nuprl 5 Manual (chapter by chapter):

  • Chapter 1: Introduction  pdf  ps
  • Chapter 2: A Quick Overview  pdf  ps
  • Chapter 3: Running Nuprl 5  pdf  ps
  • Chapter 4: The Navigator and the Top Loops  pdf  ps
  • Chapter 5: Editing Terms  pdf  ps
  • Chapter 6: Interactive Proof Development  pdf  ps
  • Chapter 7: Definition and Presentation of Terms  pdf  ps
  • Chapter 8: Rules and Tactics  pdf  ps

  • Appendix A: The Basic Nuprl Type Theory  pdf  ps
  • Appendix B: Introduction to Nuprl ML  pdf   ps