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Nuprl Section: StandardLib - Standard Nuprl basic library.

This is the so-called "standard" library of Nuprl objects. Most developments depend on much, though not all, of this material. After the NuprlLPE (logical programming environment) is fully deployed, it will be much easier to manage extensions to the "standard" material, but also it will be less important to have a single standard library.

array 1
rat 1
num thy 1Elementary divisibility theory over the integers. Gcd function and relation introduced. Chinese remainder theorem proven.
list 1
int 2
rfunction 1
prog 1
sqequal 1
quot 1Support lemmas for quotient type.
rel 1Common properties of binary relations.
unionNon canonical functions (isl, outl, outr) for union type.
bool 1
int 1
well fnd
fun 1
coreSome basic concepts defined type-theoretically.

See also list 3 jlc for a large collection not yet incorporated into the standard. IF YOU CAN SEE THIS go to /sfa/Nuprl/Shared/Xindentation_hack_doc.html

StandardLib Sections NuprlLIB Doc