Nuprl Definition : Exception

The type of terms that are exceptions with name and values in type T.

Exception(n;T) ==  {t:Base| exception-with-name(n;t) ∧ (exception-value(n;t) ∈ T)} 

Definitions occuring in Statement :  exception-value: exception-value(n;t) exception-with-name: exception-with-name(n;t) and: P ∧ Q member: t ∈ T set: {x:A| B[x]}  base: Base
Definitions occuring in definition :  set: {x:A| B[x]}  base: Base and: P ∧ Q exception-with-name: exception-with-name(n;t) member: t ∈ T exception-value: exception-value(n;t)
FDL editor aliases :  Exception

Exception(n;T)  ==    \{t:Base|  exception-with-name(n;t)  \mwedge{}  (exception-value(n;t)  \mmember{}  T)\} 

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