Nuprl Definition : fpf-accum

fpf-accum(z,a,v.f[z; a; v];y;x) ==
  accumulate (with value and list item a):
   f[z; a; (snd(x)) a]
  over list:
  with starting value:

Definitions occuring in Statement :  list_accum: list_accum pi1: fst(t) pi2: snd(t) apply: a
Definitions occuring in definition :  list_accum: list_accum apply: a pi2: snd(t) pi1: fst(t)
FDL editor aliases :  fpf-accum

fpf-accum(z,a,v.f[z;  a;  v];y;x)  ==
    accumulate  (with  value  z  and  list  item  a):
      f[z;  a;  (snd(x))  a]
    over  list:
    with  starting  value:

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Theory : finite!partial!functions

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